Q 1.Who are my tutors?
A We have tutors from different countries. So you can get native as well as non native
speakers. We teach students from all around the world .It is our aim to help students
speak English with confidence.We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level
students. To find out more clickhere
Q 教師は誰ですか?
A 多くの国の教師がいます。
Q 2.What can I learn?
A If you want to learn
English then you have come to the right place.
The available lessons include:
v General English
Grammar [Learning and Practicing ]
Vocabulary increasing lessons
Reading and Understanding
Writing Lessons [Letter, Essay etc…]
Conversation [General, Business, Travel etc…]
v Business English
v Technical English
v Medical English

Q なにを勉強できますか?
A ここでは下記のレッスンを受けることができます。
Q 3.How are lessons taught?
A Student must have a Skype and a gmail account [with gtalk ]. Lessons are taught
via Skype or Gmail with a headset withmicrophone.To download Skype Click Here.
To open a Gmail accounts Click here and Install Gtalk.
Q レッスンはどうやって受けますか
A 生徒は、Skpyegmail(gtalk)のアカウントが必要です。
Q 4.How long is a lesson? How much does a lesson cost?
A. All lessons are 1hour. Each lesson costs $ 15 USD. All payments are to be done in ADVANCE.
Q 1レッスンの時間とレッスン料は?
A すべてのレッスンは1時間です。またレッスン料は、15ドルです。

Q 5.Will I get a trial class?
A. Yes, of course .You will get 15 min trial time where you can discuss your problems with your
teacher and you also will know your level of English.
Q トライアルレッスンを受けることはできますか?
A できます。

Q 6.Is there any special package of lessons?
A Yes, We offer 4 packages.
1. Minimum 4 Classes- $60 US Dollar
2. Pack of 10 classes-$ 150US Dollar + 1 Free lesson [Expires with in 45 days]
3. Pack of 15 classes-$225 US Dollar + 2 Free lessons [Expires with in 60 days]
4. Pack of 20 classes-$300 US Dollar + 3 Free lessons [Expires with in 75 days]
Q レッスン パッケージはありますか?
A はい、わたしたちは4種類のパッケージを提供しています。
1. ミニマムパッケージ 4 レッスン  60 ドル
2. 10 レッスンパッケージ   150 ドル + 1 フリーレッスン(45日有効)
3. 15 レッスンパッケージ   225 ドル + 2 フリーレッスン(60日有効)
4. 20 レッスンパッケージ   300 ドル + 3 フリーレッスン(75日有効)

Q 7.what methods of payment are accepted?
A All payments must be made by PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or Western Union.But we
prefer PayPal. Ifyou do not have a PayPal account or if you would like to know more about
PayPal Click Here.Please note that payments must be made in advance at least 24 hours
before the lesson time.
Q 支払い方法は?
A Paypal、クレジットカード、銀行送金、ウエスタンユニオン等様々な方法が可能ですが、
Paypalを推奨しています。PayPalに関してはClick Herehttps://www.paypal.com/j1
Q 8.How do I book a lesson?
A Go to the Contact us page and send us mail.
Your mails should contain:-
1. A brief introduction? Please introduce yourself….
2. Your English level [If have any idea]
3. Your purpose of learning English
4. The time and frequency per week, when you
want to take the lesson must be with the GMT format of your time.
5. And the package number you want to book.
Q レッスンの予約はどのようにすればよいですか?
A 我々に下記内容でメールしてください。
1. 簡単な自己紹介
2. もしわかるならあなたの英語のレベル
3. 英語を勉強する目的
4. 週何回くらいのレッスンが受けたいか?またレッスンを受けたい時間帯
5. どのレッスンパッケージを予約したいか?

Q 9.When shall I pay?
A Once you have requested a lesson with all the above details you will receive
an email with payment instructions. When you will confirm our terms and
conditions and pay for the package you wanted, your the lesson request will
be approved, the booking will be finalized.
Q いつ支払えばよいですか?
A 上記の内容でレッスンのリクエストをメールすると、